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It is telling that there is no word for vagina in Burmese, the country’s lingua franca.

The only polite way to refer to the female sex organ translates to the rather euphemistic phrase ‘woman’s body’.“As you are a man, you have that invisible superpower by birth.

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So when a man is sitting like this,” Htar adds, demonstrating a seated position with her legs stretched out in front, “women cannot, and even girls cannot, pass over his legs because they are dirty.

You are born as a lower hpoun person, simply because of your gender,” explains women’s rights activist May Sabe Phyu.“Womenswear – this being the sarong or underwear – is not supposed to be washed together with men’s clothes, because if the man’s clothes touch a woman’s underwear or clothes it will reduce their hpoun.

It’s simply not acknowledging that men are also born from the woman.” The practice is widespread in Myanmar, encompassing all strata of society and spanning religious beliefs, according to Htar Htar, founder of the local NGO Akhaya Women.


And not only must women’s garments be kept separate from men’s, they cannot be hung to dry in public areas.This puzzling domestic decree is all about protecting a man’s hpoun, or masculine ‘power’.Closely connected with the cultural politics surrounding clothes washing is the ignominy that shrouds the female anatomy.Even those who’ve been educated abroad, Master’s and Ph D – they come here, they practise this.

Hanging out the washing in Myanmar requires careful navigation of major cultural taboos.A woman’s longyi, or traditional wraparound skirt, cannot be hung above a man’s, and nor can her underwear.


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