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In 2009, DVDs of various public domain films (some already released with a "Mike solo" riff) and collections of shorts were released by Legend.


Episodes were not generally collected together in any kind of theme and were often not even arranged in episode order.The final category is "Christmas with Rifftrax", which features either a set of shorts or a feature and shorts, along with "host segments" with Mike, Bill and Kevin.In late 2002, they began the "collection" format, releasing four episodes (or specials) together. The first Rhino DVDs were single disc releases of material previously available on VHS. Rhino began releasing collections in 2002, continuing to release episodes previously available on VHS. began re-releasing single episode DVDs of material previously released by Rhino, but now out of print.

After the "Anniversary Edition", the numbering continued from Rhino's (with the Anniversary Edition being the 13th volume), though they switched to Roman numerals. Factory sets are in print, with the exception of "MST3K vs. The re-issue program has since continued, re-releasing the Rhino sets in order.

These re-issues contain new extras, but not the mini-posters that are a staple of Shout!


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