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Maybe time with friends and families where you both sussed each other out, until one of you makes the move.


There is no much room for hanky-panky, it is either we are together or we are not.

Back when i was a teenager growing up in Nigeria, 20 something years ago, dating was not even a thing.

You were either in a relationship with someone or you were not. Boy meets girl, boy likes girl, boy asks girl, ”, if girl likes boy, she plays coquettish long enough to not appear desperate, then says yes, and bingo, they are in a relationship.

No dating as it is known today, no testing the waters, that was done at the ‘eyeing her/him up’ stage.

The courtship stage did not normally involve alone time together.She is expected to know that any cheating on her part would be greatly frowned upon. The recognized girlfriend is allowed to complain if her man strays, but she should be prepared for the “Boys will be boys” rhetoric that will be used to dismiss her concerns. It feels strange accepting to go out for a meal or drinks with someone just for the purpose of sizing them up for a relationship.


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