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We run national operations and forces take action locally.

Up by a dramatic 40 per cent since 2010, the figures bring the numbers killed over ten years to at least 205, while studies have found that talking or texting on a phone at the wheel is as dangerous as drink-driving.

The Government’s response has been frankly pathetic.

Jason Szabo was born in Sanford, FL, at age 11 he moved to Baxter, MN where he lived throughout high school.

Jason later moved to Minneapolis for seven years, where he discovered that his career path did not suit him. He now resides as an avid outdoorsman, hiking and camping at any opportunity.

Yet astonishingly, the offence carries a mere three points on a licence and an on-the-spot fine of just £100, less than motorists can expect for failing to notify DVLA in good time after selling a car.

Indeed, so widespread is this lethal practice that almost half of drivers polled by the RAC admitted to making or receiving a call at the wheel last year – while other surveys have found a fifth of younger drivers regularly send texts or use messaging apps.

Some were even seen taking both hands off the wheel.

The driver of a left hand drive articulated lorry with a Latvian number plate seemed to be laughing as he chatted on his mobile phone while overtaking cars despite foggy weather making visibility difficult on the A14.

A Cambridgeshire police spokesman said: "When someone uses a mobile phone while driving, their reaction time becomes 50 per cent slower and they are four times more likely to have a collision, therefore, they are putting themselves and anyone else in the vehicle at great risk.

It said that offenders should also receive six penalty points on their driving licence, meaning they could be banned from driving if they were caught twice within three years.


Brake has also called for fines and points to be reduced – but not waived entirely – if motorists attend driver-awareness courses.Chief Constable Suzette Davenport, of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, said it shared concerns about the level of mobile phone use by drivers, adding: ‘Our approach is a blend of education and enforcement.


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