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And with that, my attitude, approach, and “win” percentage changed inversely with the size of my apartment. In the mean time, why would I buy the proverbial cow when I could get the whole farm for free? Why do you think there are such significant differences? Slim is the Executive Editor and CEO of SBM Media Group. In addition to discussing relationships, Slim also enjoys writing about Career and Personal Development.I’m not saying the attitude was right, but that’s how I thought. Catch Slim regularly here and on his personal development blog, The Real Slim Jackson (But she regularly runs into an issue that my other female friends in NYC run into: Men that fall off the map when they find out they’ll need to put in effort.I was trying to explain to her why men in the Big Apple approach dating so lax, then started thinking about my experience as a single black male that’s lived in two northeastern hubs.



The women there were interested in whatever they perceived to be the best of the best. As soon as I arrived with a single status, six feet of height, and a complexion that didn’t scare white people in elevators, things got easier — MUCH easier.It took more than a fresh shave and an edge up to show you wanted something that lasted longer than a night. One night out in the city resulted in more interest and phone numbers than I’d gotten in my last three years living in Beantown. People think big city equals more people, which equals more opportunity, which can equal more competition. Conversation with one became missed opportunity with the easier options — well, sometimes.


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