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Customers could choose an urn and pedestal that reflected their personal style from a number of interchangeable pieces in a foundry's inventory.Given the huge variety of designs available, the importance of choosing a style and from that complement the architecture of a particular home and garden becomes clear.Now numbering over 1,600 items, Smithsonian Gardens Furnishings and Artifacts Collection spans the period from 1835 to 1955.Hundreds of pieces are exhibited in the Smithsonian gardens and interior plant displays in the Smithsonian museums surrounding the National Mall in Washington, D. Think of the many ways that horticulture, in the guise of flowers, houseplants, fruits and vegetables affect our lives and surroundings each and every day.

Formal ornate pieces might be found on a grand terrace, while plainer and small pieces would be used in more exclusive areas.The Smithsonian Gardens' collection includes dozens of different seating designs and numerous distinctive motifs on urns and vases.Mass production techniques fo the Industrial Revolution in mid-nineteenth century America enabled cast iron furniture and urns to be produced quickly and cheaply.Manufacturers published catalogs with elaborate engravings and descriptoins of their wares to encourage sales.

Plants appeal to many of our senses; they attract us by their color, and appearence, and sometimes by the way they smell or taste.The Smithsonian gardens preserves and showcases this evidence of how horticulture has played a vital role in supporting and embellishing society for hundreds of years.


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