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We've gone over 10 blunt-but-loving ways to tell people they're not...

Read more I can't tell you how many times people have told me how excited they are to go to my wedding.

I've been told my entire life — by movies, books, and trashy reality shows — that your wedding is just a magical event. It's the cherry on top of your completely average and mundane life. I've been engaged a few months now, and I'm ready for my magical moments to start happening. " button on your nightstand when you're covered in glitter and sweat. There are so many tears, you should invest in a lifejacket for your sea of hormones.

" My biggest fear was that once I got engaged, I became an adult and could no longer participate in non-adult conversations.

I had a mental image of my husband and I, sitting around the dinner table discussing taxes and gluten.


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