Nfs files not updating

Has anyone experienced this, and does anyone know of any workarounds?

I'm looking to eliminate the caching, so that the Finder does to the VFS layer on every access, or at least shorten the TTL of the cached data.

I could confirm that there is such a problem, but it's not been consistent for me.

The Finder doesn't update on its own, but clicking away from the directory and back does refresh.

Thanks for this answer - I've been looking for a solution to this problem for YEARS.

I get the desire for confirmation that others may have experienced this, but what are you looking to do next?

alone (no Finder restart) seems to work for me in Yosemite.


If I use the terminal to "ls" the same directory, I see the changes. Unmounting and remounting the NFS share does not help.

It seems that the Finder is caching directory listings locally, and that this caching is very aggressive. Rebooting works, but that's a very blunt instrument.


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