Niall and demi dating

"I want to make something that people will listen to for a while, rather than something that's just trendy.When there were rumors flying around about Demi Lovato dating One Direction cutie Niall Horan, nothing good came out of the situation for either of the two.But for the first time, US X Factor judge Demi Lovato has revealed exactly what’s going on between her and Niall Horan. Don’t hate me, One Direction fans, but it looks like it’s getting serious... “He is an amazing listener and makes me laugh a lot, two of the main qualities I look for.We’re not sure exactly what could turn the teen pop star’s cheeks red but Dallas followed up by tweeting, “@Niall Official I feel bad if I embarrassed u 2day at the pier ur adorable.” Niall was a good sport, replying, “@dallaslovato haha good to meet you! We've heard they’re “just friends” who “talk on Skype all the time”, and we also know they fancy the pants off each other.She tweeted, “Best day ever at the pier w/ @ambermontana111 and @Maddielovesyou1!Nice meeting u @Niall Official sry if I embarrassed u ;)”. Demi Lovato is certainly no stranger to dating a high profile boy band member, but the breakout X Factor judge has clamped down on rumors that her friendship with 1D's Niall Horan has taken a turn away from the platonic. Now I have friends who love me for who I am and don't care about what I'm doing.



"More nice than bad, I guess -- but I dealt with that already with the Jonas Brothers, with being so close to them and then dating Joe." Do you think Demi misses being friends with Niall?

Judging by Dallas’ Twitter account, Niall made quite the impression on Demi’s family!


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