Nigerians opinion abt longtime dating

A recent survey by the Giant Condom manufacturing company- DUREX named Nigerian women most unfaithful in the world.This declaration was made by the company after a survey involving 29,000 people interviewed from 36 countries was conducted.Every now and then, Congress discusses the need for a change in our currency.Oftentimes, these debates turn political and lead to discussions about whether or not the actor who played Ronald Reagan should be featured on the dime.Older Nigerian women looking for younger men are called sugar mummies Finding Nigerian women looking for men is easy if you go to popular Nigerian dating websites.I get told I look like a famous actor about once a week, but I really just look like my Dad.This type of intense scrutiny of my facial features has left me wondering what my Mom was really doing around May 1979.The resulting anxiety has been funneled into a satirical blog that I update Monday through Thursday.


University Dons in Nigeria have debunked this report by describing the research methodology used in the survey as “scientifically weak”.Although pennies have lost much of their flavor since the days I got paid to eat ten for a nickel, I cannot help but point out the importance of this oft neglected coin. If she is forced to pick up heavier coins like the quarter, her arthritis might flare up.


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