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Bill Lamb of praised the song's hook, chorus and Clarkson's voice, writing that they take the record to the next level.


Perry had originally written the song for her own album, but following her removal from the Def Jam label, she gave the song and "Long Shot" to Clarkson for her fourth album.RCA Records serviced the song to mainstream radios in the United States on April 14, 2009."I Do Not Hook Up" is a dance-rock and power pop song that is structured upon a muscular arrangement with lyrics about empowerment and healthy relationships."I Do Not Hook Up" received positive reviews from music critics, with many praising its arrangement and Clarkson's vocals.

"I Do Not Hook Up" is a song performed by American pop singer-songwriter Kelly Clarkson, released as the second single from her fourth studio album, All I Ever Wanted (2009).

The song was composed by Greg Wells, Kara Dio Guardi and American singer and songwriter Katy Perry.


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