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I guess you could say Fall TV is like betting on the Super Bowl for lazy, judgey couch potatoes. In this glorious new series, the unlikely duo hosts dinner parties for celebrity friends. ) following three moms and their teenage daughters who are about to become first-time mommies themselves.

Or maybe more like putting a wager on how long it will take to sing the national anthem serious about your TV watching and want to narrow it down to the best of the best, you could go with your most trusted source– me! Who knew you could roll a joint with hospital corners? Leave it to Lifetime TELEVISION FOR WOMEN to come out with not one, but TWO quality new shows I will surely be binge-watching with my mommy. I can always count on you for some good old-fashioned female bonding.

Starting October, GCC expats will no longer be able to get a visa on arrival to the UAE.

Instead, GCC expats are required to apply for a visa online before the trip.

It’s when I don my best leisurewear and kick back on the sofa with my new friends and demand entertainment. Everyone’s got an opinion on who the growers and soon-to-be no showers will be. Who will be dumped before your DVR even learns their names? News if you want a comprehensive round-up of the new shows. I love Carson Kressley so if he’s going to sign up to judge a two-bit, over-done, no-one-cares reality show, it’s my job to watch it. Excuse me while I continue counting down the seconds. Relive the tales that turned the likes of Lorena Bobbitt and Amy Fisher into pithy These real-life ghostbusters investigate paranormal activity in LA neighborhoods other ghost hunting teams won’t touch.

Which shows is Kris Jenner executive producing and therefore dooming civilization to eternal syndication long after the shark has been jumped? This must be how fantasy sports players feel right before the draft. (And maybe answer a poll about which new cast member has the dumbest hair.) Or visit my virtual soulmate, The Ashley if you only care about the important stuff like reality TV. This series follows the journey of three once carefree, single ladies who were having a grand ol’ time being unattached and irresponsible until “one night of fun” finds them up the duff. This competition show pits the, “country’s most talented window merchandising designers” against one another to create elaborate window displays. Like murdering-your-children or cutting-off-your-husband’s-private-parts scandal.

The idea behind this is do reduce long queues for on-site visa applications and payment at the airport.

They’ve already started the online service and a friend of mine just applied for his visa online and the total amount he had to pay was AED230 (around KD19).


But especially new because let’s face it–some of the old ones are getting a bit played out. This season promises lots of tears and emotional breakdowns–from Nick himself.

Oh yes, definitely a Aw man, this is gonna be tearjerker. Lifetime describes these two new shows as, “documenting the action-packed journey of what happens when a woman becomes unexpectedly pregnant.” Why yes, Lifetime TELEVISION FOR WOMEN. I would also describe pregnancy–unexpected or otherwise–as “action-packed.” I remember my own action-packed pregnancy having to remember to take all those extra vitamins and get out of bed to pee in the middle of the night– in the dark!


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