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What I learned is that when you change a profile name on Instagram, a portion of the existing followers drop off.I’ve also made a large donation to a women’s empowerment organization.Over the last few months, I heard one name mentioned by my fellow entrepreneurs more than others.If you are wondering why that name was picked instead of my name “@neilpatel,” it’s because our goal was to generate Google searches for my name due to the fact that Instagram doesn’t let you link out.Increased search traffic for my name means a higher number of people finding my sites, which helps me generate leads and, eventually, revenue.He posts pictures of his lavish life and all of the women he is surrounded by on a daily basis.It isn’t Dan’s lifestyle that interests me, however. For example, I was meeting one of my buddies in New York, who has a few billion dollars, according to Forbes. He, as well as a few of my other wealthy friends, love talking about Dan and living vicariously through his Instagram profile.To get a head start, I hired Branden Hampton who has over 30 million social media followers among all his accounts.


– the man with over 5 million Instagram followers (some of his pictures aren’t safe for work).

If you aren’t familiar with Dan, I can tell you he’s pretty much the modern Hugh Hefner.

Update: I’ve already modified my profile by removing most of the images.

Once the last contest is over, I will be removing the rest of the images that don’t suit my brand.

The toughest part of any marketing campaign is getting it off the ground.

Once you have a proven model, scaling it becomes easy.


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