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This chat rooms system should work with most devices and screen sizes, including many android tablets and phones. If mv-chat is down, you can click the navbar tab above labeled “cams chat” and enter into what many of our regs call the “NC or New Chat”.chat room options are limited on mobile devices, some browsers on phones and tablets will not allow people to end or receive pms, some browsers prevent changing room.This system also has some video and audio chat options.These standard terms and conditions (“Conditions”) set out the contract terms between a Vendor and Purchaser of Vehicles and explain each party’s rights and obligations.These Conditions also set out Manheim’s rights and its duties to Vendors and Purchasers.Manheim shall, at its discretion, be entitled to amend and/or vary these Conditions from time to time.

Your entry to and use of Manheim’s buildings, premises and other facilities (including your right to use software and services provided by Manheim) are subject to these Conditions.

These Conditions can be accessed at Accept or Acceptance means when the Vendor accepts an Offer put to Manheim (and a Vendor hereby authorises Manheim to accept any Offer on its behalf when an Offer is the same as or greater than a reserve price set by the Vendor and/or where no reserve price has been set by a Vendor it is the highest Offer that Manheim decides to accept in its sole discretion on behalf of a Vendor) Buyer’s Premium means the fees payable for the provision of a number of services (such as Manheim making available its auction facilities and Manheim’s administration and associated services) including those rights provided by Manheim to a Purchaser in accordance with clauses 82 and 83 Entered for Sale means the point in time at which the Vendor has instructed Manheim to enter a Vehicle for sale whether by means of completing an entry form or by written or verbal instructions which instruction has been duly accepted by Manheim Fees are fees chargeable by Manheim for its products and services (including promoting and facilitating the sale of a Vendor’s Vehicles whether electronically or otherwise and fees for any additional products or services offered by Manheim) Insurance Total Loss means that a Vehicle has been categorised by insurers as any of a category A (scrap metal only), category B (break for spare parts only), category C (repairable Vehicle where repair costs exceeded the Vehicle’s pre-accident value), category D (repairable Vehicle) and category F (fire damage) (i) achieved at a Manheim auction over the 3 (three) month period ending with the month in which the Vehicle the subject of the claim was purchased or, if not purchased, the date delivered, collected or taken possession of by Manheim; and Offer means any price offered to be paid for a Vehicle and whether submitted electronically, in writing, orally or by any other means or indication (and a Purchaser authorises Manheim to put an Offer to a Vendor and to accordingly accept a Vendor’s reply on a Purchaser’s behalf) Rate of Interest means 4% above National Westminster Bank base rate (or any other bank base rate chosen by Manheim) in force from time to time which shall be compounded at the end of each calendar month Roadworthy means that a Vehicle complies with all legislation in force from time to time to ensure that Vehicles do not cause a danger on the roads and highways (including any regulations as to brakes, steering, gears, tyres, lighting equipment or any other such matter) Sure Check means where a Vehicle Entered for Sale has been described as coming with the benefit of Manheim’s Sure Check protection, which consists of certain additional contractual rights for a Purchaser should a Vehicle deviate during a limited period of time after a Contract of Sale has been concluded from certain statements deemed made by Manheim concerning its condition as at the date of that Contract of Sale.


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