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To you, sending, "I had so much fun on Thursday" a week after Thursday happened isn't necessarily a move that resonates with the person you're texting.To you, you've waited the "right amount of time," but to them, you're nothing more than an emotional fisherman…You send the wrong emoji, your punctuation comes off as passive-aggressive, you mean to write "hey, how are you" but accidentally send the best-lit dick pic.More common than sending the wrong text message is sending the right text message that gets lost in translation.When you ask someone how long one should wait before texting a romantic interest back, the answer usually varies, but the "solution" always involves some variation of keeping someone on the hook for the maximum amount of time before hope is lost and then texting them "hey." Man, what a shitty thing to do. Too often, movies, TV shows, music videos, and friends tell us to wait until the last appropriate moment to text someone back. The first text message was sent on December 3rd, 1992, giving the world barely 25 years to perfect this flawed method of communication. Both manage to become amazingly convoluted and difficult for such obvious, simplistic (in theory) cultural phenomenons.


How is it that we've come so far as a civilization, yet something as asinine as a two-letter word sent from one person to another in an inordinate amount of time can derail us faster than Keanu Reeves behind the wheel of a bus with a motion-sensitive bomb attached to the engine? Because of this murkiness, there will never be a perfect equation for successful dating -- nor for how regularly to text, and when.

Offers view for every believer who wants a fulfilling marriage relationship.

This work offers advice on the subject of finding the one with whom you will spend the rest of your life.

Even if you really like somebody and they like you back, there's no guarantee that the person waiting on the other side will even wait a day for you... What makes you think that you have the kind of hold on someone where blatantly ignoring them for a week will work out in your favor?


dangling them on the hook with no regard for their feelings.

This hammers away at the severely outdated method of using aggression and irreverence to make someone gain interest in you. This is 2016, not 1955 -- people's attention spans are on an ever-shrinking spiral down the drain and no one really cares about Communism anymore.


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    It's all about finding that special person no matter how old you are to make life worth living again!

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    After travelling around Australia in his panel van for a year, healing his soul, Roman finally drives into town, remembering how his friend spoke fondly of the warm and healing aspects of this little town.

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    Online dating brings singles together who may never otherwise meet.

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    Many men just don’t know what photo looks best, so don’t immediately rule them out.

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