Nod32 not updating clients from server

Disable communication with MSRPC services that you do not need to provide to mitigate many security risks (such as remote code execution or service failure attacks).

Note: The aforementioned check boxes next to specific worm detection algorithms (such as Sasser) may not be available for all users.

I've recent moved our estate over to ESET v6 and while the new remote administrator console is a breath of fresh air i'm having real trouble wrapping my head around the "task" functionality (why can't I run a previously created task on a client?

) What i'm trying to figure out is what the best way to push client updates?

In some cases you will not receive a threat notification about blocked communications.

You can view the Personal firewall log to see all blocked incoming and outgoing communication attempts in the Tools › Log files section (from the Log drop-down menu select Personal firewall).

The availability of particular options in Advanced setup → IDS and Advanced options may vary depending on the type or version of your ESET product and Personal firewall module, as well as the version of your operating system.

To access IDS and advanced options in ESET Smart Security or ESET Endpoint Security, press the F5 key on your keyboard, click Personal firewall, and then click Edit next to IDS and advanced options.


The IDS and advanced options section allows you to configure advanced filtering options to detect several types of attacks and vulnerabilities that can be carried out against your computer.These features have been replaced by CVE detection in newer versions of ESET products or Personal firewall modules (see below).


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