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• The city’s young crowd tells us that not only are online dating services and apps more reliable and help them reach out to more people, they are also perfect for last-minute date-hunting.• For some, the last-minute scampering is merely a way of fitting someone – almost anyone – in an already laid out V-Day plan.Suruchi*, a resident of Sector 2, Noida, says, "This is the first time in years that I'm single on V-Day.So I resorted to dating services online." Status symbol For many, the exercise is one of pragmatism, not romance.Having a date on Valentine's Day can be the difference between being cool and being a social outcast.Vishesh Jindal, a DU student, says, "Being single in college is not that big a deal - except on Valentine's Day.All my friends have partners to spend the day with and my weekend plans have gone for a toss.



As couples go all lovey-dovey today, there is a lot of pressure to find a date on the day of love for those who happen to be single.However, instead of sulking about their single status, many of Delhi's young and dateless singles are taking technology's help.I've had blind dates before and since most of my friends are either married or in a relationship, I'm the only one without a date this year.I wanted to meet someone new and did not trust my circle to hook me up with someone I'd like.


They have created profiles on online dating services and apps just days before V-Day with a single agenda - to land a date on Feb 14.

Can't be single today The singles of Delhi say that with all the hype around V-Day, it is almost a sin being a dateless single on the day, leading to last-minute date hunt.


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    As we get older, our choices of potential mates are often limited by where we live and work, our spiritual and recreational interests..fix-ups from friends or relatives.

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