Non commercial sex chatrooms


Phyllis increasingly sees the chat room and relationships therein as reality and is less and less involved in “real-time” relationships.

She finds that the Internet more and more shields her and removes her, at least in the short term, from the reality of her job and family stresses.

David Greenfield and provides information, resources, and a variety of services including consultation and This site has sections for various professions, including one for attorneys who desire more information specific to their A service of the Central Louisiana Chemical Dependency Council, this site has a number of bookmarks to various Internet addiction-related articles and surveys.

By Kenneth Search Phil, a bank loan officer, is fired from his job owing to recurrent violations of his employer’s policy regarding computer use.

Phil was cruising the Internet at work, viewing pornography and participating in chat rooms in which the topic is sex and participants engage in online sexual play.

Janet is a single parent working a job that pays barely enough to meet expenses and whose relationships with her three children seem to lurch from one crisis to another.

She is spending much of her time away from work online, mostly in a chat room with a core group of people who talk together about their daily trials and tribulations, find relief in jokes and good humor, and encourage one another with empathy and concern.

Edith, a widow and a retired teacher, finds her online video gambling leading to serious financial problems.


Joe, a high school junior, finds himself spending hours a day online “hanging out” with friends in teen chat rooms, downloading music, and viewing pornography.

As a result, he is increasingly isolated from his family, short on sleep, and falling further and further behind in schoolwork.

Unfortunately, for many of its users, the growing availability of the Internet also has led to abuse and unhealthy dependency.

Additional Resources Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery site has a section on Internet addiction as well as additional information about how to access treatment services, interventions, and free in-person The Center for Internet Studies was founded by Dr.

(All these examples are amalgams of typical misusers/abusers of the Internet and do not represent specific individuals.)Do you know any of these people? It is a rare individual in 2004 who is still unaware of the pervasiveness of the personal computer and Internet in our homes and workplaces.Computer use has led to some very good things—increased business productivity, easy access to resources for learning and personal growth, and opportunities for recreation and relaxation.


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