Novak djokovic dating zambian social net work for dating ad making frends

Deepika's 'floral frock' caught the fancy of the paparazzi, who went all clickety-click the moment the actor exited the restaurant with the Tennis star. But all hell broke loose when the photos made their way to the press, and a tabloid published them with the caption: "Novak Djokovic was captured leaving The Nice Guy in Los Angeles, California, with a female companion on Tuesday night".



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So just how does Novak Djokovic manage to dominate the world season in, season out? Before anyone panics – particularly Mrs Djokovic – the world No.1 simply means that he attributes a lot of his strength and stamina to the careful monitoring of his diet.

And when he is on court, he feeds his perfectly-tuned physique with dates.

Deepika Padukone stepped out with the world's numero uno tennis player Novak Djokovic for dinner on Tuesday night.


The two were at 'celebrity haunt' The Nice Guy in Los Angeles.The Serb takes all of this in his stride, just as Federer did for all those years when he ruled the roost.


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