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The more positive features of the work are compared with the negative features.In the last Chapter the study was concerned with the social backgrounds of prostitutes.Kate Millet (1973), the feminist literary scholar, used her interview material to stress the psychological effects of sex work and criminalisation on her subjects.Even customers rarely manage a realistic appraisal because their perceptions are too often screened through a bias of sexual fantasies.Few researchers have been able to study this aspect thoroughly because of the sex industry's closed ranks against outsiders.

The working lives of a sample of Sydney prostitutes in the 1990s are scrutinised and compared to earlier studies of Sydney prostitutes, and sex workers in America.

Descriptions of workplaces and problems that arise, the nature of sex work, and the men in the business are offered for analysis, and the reasons why prostitutes enter the business are examined.

Thus, a profile of their working conditions is becoming more widely known.

But, even so, the guiding hand of the researcher in these cases is quite apparent, and much depends on the selection of material by the writer to stress his/her point about the work.

In this Chapter we will concentrate on the other part of prostitutes' lives: their working conditions.In spite of the great amount of media "exposure" and common perceptions of prostitutes at work, very little is known publicly about this side of their lives.



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