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And what will I lose If I choose What is best for me?

Guess it all boils down To Another choice- Will I lose myself Or find My voice?

Maybe only the ‘They’ who Weren’t even aware- Who didn’t even care- ‘They’ were in the way And were stopping Me From becoming the best That I can possibly be!

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    Are you interested, drop me a message." Zulema (Age 24) Lyles, TN About ZULEMA :"Hi, Im new to this whole internet dating thing and excited about the possibilities. Seeking someone whos willing to live fantasies and try new things;7 I just cant wait. I live in NY." Lulu (Age 23) Monroe, TN About LULU :"I am seeking a woman to play around with, one to join me in the shower! So I can devour your body, taste you all over and caress your beautiful tits… And goes without saying I guess but these cravings should be a 2 way street.. xx" Amada (Age 22) Kingston, TN About AMADA :"I love being naked and love having sex outside.

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