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Czech entrees cost to , and most are very filling platters of meat and potatoes.

Try the salads (red cabbage, coleslaw) and the potato dumplings (but skip the plain bread dumplings).

She replaced the washer and dryer with top-of-the-line appliances and fixed the chimney to bring life back to the fireplace.

Keep walking right through the bar and out to the garden. The beer garden is a wide-open space, surrounded by a high wall, seating several hundred people comfortably at picnic tables shaded by big old trees.

There's table service, though on a busy weekend, the wait can be long.

The Bottom Line When the summer has come out in full bloom and the evenings are warm enough to lounge outside, go eat, drink, and relax in the beer garden at Bohemian Hall.

The garden is large and full of trees and picnic tables filled with folks sipping cold beer and tackling plates of hearty Czech food.


Most weekends, you can order grilled sausages, burgers, and mushrooms from the barbecue cook. Throughout the year, there's live music, both inside the dining hall and outdoors on the stage.

Call ahead or check the Hall's website for special events and cover charges.



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