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Critics of the policy have complained that the list encourages racial profiling and believe the process needs to be more transparent.

Oberlin College student Lyle Kash, who is a leader in the One Town Campaign that has been pushing for the college to revise its no trespassing policy, said he has concerns about The Chronicle-Telegram publishing a version of the list culled from the files of Oberlin police in part because he feared those named could face reprisals from the college.“Going public with the list may stir up the hornet’s nest,” he said. Their names appear on the 2006 list, which notes only the name of the person banned and the date they were told to stay off campus.

“But it’s also realistic to be concerned about people’s privacy.”The longest bans in place, according to the police file, date to 1982 when Barry A. A reason for a name being added to the list isn’t included.



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