Octomom dating show


Suleman may be celibate but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t exploring her sexuality.

The mother of 8 recently starred in an adult film and agreed to a one-time stripping gig.

The 36-year-old mother of 8 is now dating Frankie G., a 23-year-old amateur body builder.

Suleman said that she met the bodybuilder “through church” and that the age difference hasn’t been a problem for them since she has “a mind of an 18-year-old.” TMZ reports that the new “let’s-hope-they-don’t-make-a-reality-show” couple have been dating for about two months. are reportedly getting serious but the Octomom said that she’s still adhering to her plan to stay celibate.

Octomom would not get into details about the relationship, but said, “The babies are wonderful. Even if things don’t work out with Jon, I hope to keep those babies forever.” She then demanded payment for any future comments.

The guest bachelor is a real bro who doesnt like his ho's Kirstie-Alli-sized!!!(Suleman recently pulled out of the stripper gig, a choice that may result in a lawsuit.) Here’s a photo of Suleman and her new boyfriend Frankie G.This speculation was confirmed by Jon when he proudly declared, “Octomom and her children are the best fifteen things that have ever happened to me!Something about her seems so comfortable and familiar.” Kate Gosselin has refused comment on the relationship and has stayed out of the public eye since it came to light, though she has placed a dating ad on Craigslist seeking a man with 6-10 children.

He likes spray tans and shirts with dragons on em....

LOS ANGELIS - Amid rumors of other affairs and infidelity, Jon Gosselin has confirmed that he is currently dating mother of octuplets, Nadya Suleman.



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