Oklahoma state football player dating cowboys cheerleader dating during divorce minnesota

Perhaps his most memorable moment was on special teams last season when he blocked two punts against Texas Tech and returned one for a touchdown.

An Oklahoma State football player is now dating a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. An OSU player named Zack Craig caught her eye, the Daigle's friend responded in the only logical way: by looking Craig up on Twitter and insisting that Daigle follow him to break the ice.

Not wishing to repeat the humiliating ballad of Manti Te'o, Craig did some research and determined his new follower was, indeed, legit.

Eventually he worked up the gumption to send her a message, and they stayed in touch. 1 postseason bowl game, Craig took her out for pizza.

"When we first met, that spark was there," Daigle tells the .

They made things official over spring break, and they've spent the summer taking turns making the four-hour drive between Dallas and Stillwater, where OSU is located.




Calvin looked Daigle up on the Cowboys website and begin talking to her on Twitter.

Turns out she noticed him on TV when he walked to midfield for the opening coin toss, something Calvin didn't normally do.



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