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As one of the only two survivors of a brutal German massacre near a fountain, he is saved from being executed by feigning death.

It is here that he and Dimitri Petrenko first meet each other, with Reznov explaining his situation to Dimitri.

The arrogance of their leaders is matched only by the brutality of their soldiers.

His influence on Alex Mason plays a major part in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Dragovich and Kravchenko were not troubled by such matters.

He is a playable character in the flashback level "Project Nova" in Call of Duty: Black Ops. They looked only to advance towards their own interests and agendas..." Viktor Reznov was born on April 20, 1913 in Saint Petersburg, Russia (renamed Petrograd in 1914 and Leningrad ten years later), and joined the Red Army sometime before the start of World War II.

Reznov, who can no longer snipe precisely as a marksman due to his injured hand and blown off trigger finger, gives Petrenko his scoped Mosin-Nagant rifle, and asks him to eliminate the general.

Reznov guides Dimitri on killing a few German soldiers as German bombers fly overhead, to shroud out the noise of the gunshots.

"The rotten cancer of the Fascist Reich ravages Europe like a plague.

Their relentless drive into our motherland steals the lives of men, women, and children alike.



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