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Note In the past, ed X also offered free honor code certificates.These certificates are no longer available for most new courses.Certificates for XSeries and Micro Masters programs show that you have successfully earned a verified certificate for each course in the series of courses that make up the program.XSeries and Micro Masters program certificates include the following information.If you need a record of your grade, you can print your Progress page or dashboard. For more information about the benefits of verified certificates, and to see an example of a verified certificate, see Verified Certificates.

To receive a certificate for a program, you must receive a verified certificate for each course in the series of courses that make up the program. This section describes ed X certificates and how you access them.

For a list of all courses that are part of an XSeries or Micro Masters program, see the ed X course catalog.

If you earned an honor code certificate in a previous course, you can still access your certificate through your Note Verified certificates do not include your final grade in the course or the number of credit hours that a university might offer for the course.

Your final grade appears on your Progress page and on your dashboard.

Ed X awards certificates for courses that have a verified track and for ed X programs such as XSeries and Micro Masters programs.

Most certificates are web certificates that you can save, share, and print.


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