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Mum and Dad decide it’s too good an opportunity to miss and call upon the services of Nanny Nae Nonsense (Gary Lamont) to look after the over excited kids, who also celebrate their birthday on Christmas Day.

Really enjoyed panto This year Johnny Mac as excellent as usual , also enjoyed seeing Nicola park as the fairy kev and Nanny fab thought Marvin was a great addition Tyler Collins great actor also his sidekick hank played by Leah from river city her facial expressions were spot on if I was to critic one thing I missed Michelle Mc Manus none of the female cast came up to her singing standard other than that good show My best bit was when Johnny mac (elfie) couldn't get his bum up on to the bed and kept sliding down again. Elfie was the best, the panto wouldn't be the same without him. Took my Sons, one for the 1st time, and they loved it. Elie the selfie and Kev were my favourites but all the cast were brill. Xxx Enjoyed the show 12 days of Christmas was good and Ellie the selfie was a great character although Johnny Mac always steals the show...great to see Dean Park back.

Stephen popped his head up from the middle of the bed and said Johnny ges ur hand. Johnny shouts I'm not Johnny I'm elfie and ur not in this scene. My son who is 7 loves the he says and has been saying "I'm enjoying myself" for years. Defo favourite character has to be Elfie the Selfie! I am never disappointed with a Pavillion panto i have been going every year since I was a wee lassy. Always the pavilion for us took my two grandsons age 12 & 18 months for the first time and my granddaughter 5 who dressed as an elf....on New Year's Eve as usual Best Panto, we never go anywhere else at Christmas.

Looking forward to what you have in store for us next year!!!!! This year your panto santa claus is coming to town was without a doubt the best so far it's so good I went twice! Elfie the selfie was brilliant, the 12 days of Christmas was brilliant as was the part were they couldn't get in the bed! Xx We came to the Christmas Eve matinee as always!! Staff very friendly, helpful and cheerful and the cast excellent.

I'm agreeing with everyone else about the 12 days of Christmas. The ENTIRE cast were brilliant I can't choose because I loved them all xxxxxxxx and I loved the 12 days of Christmas song such a laugh iv recommended all my family and friends to go and see this wonderful panto Brilliant as always. There were 15 of us covering 4 generations of my family there ranging from great granny to toddler and we have been coming for the past 32 years!! See you all again next year ☃ PS my daughter would Love a dancing part Really enjoyed it all my family did & our best bit was the twelve days of Christmas & when they announced my son Jacks 10th Birthday his wee face just lit up, we came on Sunday the 20th of December for his birthday Saw it twice. Came up to visit family before Xmas and my sister managed to get an extra ticket to let me go along with them. First visit to the Pavilion in many a year, brought back lovely memories. Had a great time at this panto,was really entertaining ,and funny ,and the banter was great ,from start to finish ,had a fab cast 'my three kids loved every minute of it ,would defo recommend folk go see it , you won't be disappointed Christmas Eve would not be the same without the Panto, Fantastic again this year, my six year old grandson Connor was laughing out loud so funny.


Very physical for the cast, but so very, very funny. The 12 days of Christmas was one of the best bits my wee boy kept running out to get the lavvy roll and stephen purdon was great with him. Loved it from beginning to end And as Elvis Left The Building I enjoyed myself lol kids still talking about 12 day as for the fairy were can I start lol AMAZING well done to everyone Everyone was fab. The show was fab from start to finish and each and every person loved it!! Once with my friend and her grandson and the second time with eight of my grandchildren. We are both in our 70s and have attended your pantos for the last few years. Brilliant performances from Gary LA LA, Stephan Purdon, Johnny Mac (Enjoying himself) Dean Park, great to see him back, the very funny Nicola Park, Leah, Tyler and Michelle all worked very hard to make it a great day out. Omg just back tnite from our trading Xmas eve to the panto xx Fabulous!! '' thanks to all the cast and everyone who made this so wonderful xx always funny mistakes on Xmas eve xx truly magical xx1 Bra made to fit 3, 2 fitbaw tops, 3 rubber chickens, 4 smelly socks, 5 LAVVY ROLLS......Hes only 4 and it was magical for him still talking about it and we seen it weeks ago xx It was brilliant, they were all good, the 12 days of Xmas was hilarious, especially when the fairy fell ( sorry Nicola ) it was my granddaughter's first time at the Panto and she absolutely loved it x XWe loved the show. My boys still do his actions and we seen it last month. My son who is 9 been telling the Joke about the shih tzu still laughs every time he tells someone else. Don't remember correct order but there were feather dusters, toilet brushes, pots n pans, Scotland flags.........can't remember the rest .......


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