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As part of an ongoing initiative to empower student-athletes to engage in responsible and informed decision-making, the Carnegie Mellon University Department of Athletics and the Plaidvocates hosted an Escalation Workshop in February, which was open to all student-athletes.

The workshop centered on dating violence and an effort to bring awareness to how prevalent dating violence is on college campuses.

This peer-to-peer volunteer organization is comprised of student-athletes who are educated and trained throughout the year to be able to listen, promote and provide support and information on stress and time management, nutrition, alcohol, drug use and other health related topics. For further information on the One Love Foundation, visit their website here.

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Teaching young people how to identify the warnings signs of a dangerous relationship.

“The One Love/CMU athletics team have opened up so many opportunities to move education about sexual/domestic violence to the next level.” The One Love Foundation was started by Yeardley Love’s parents, a University of Virginia’s women’s lacrosse player who was killed by her boyfriend.

One Love’s mission is to educate college students about dating violence and how to be an active bystander.

That’s what a local foundation, created in memory of Cockeysville native Yeardley Love, is doing through a film.

Christie Ileto has more real life storylines that organizers say will save lives.

The workshop consisted of a 30-minute film followed by an hour-long breakout session in which student-athletes were separated into small groups to discuss the film, dating violence and how they can be active bystanders.

Members from the Carnegie Mellon Office of Community Standards and Integrity were also on site to answer questions.

“I loved listening to the conversations that were happening between the groups,” said Jess Klein, Carnegie Mellon’s Coordinator of Gender Programs and Sexual Violence Prevention.

“It brought the situation to life and made it more personal and real,” said one football student-athlete that attended the event.


A teammate of his added, “It was shocking how much abuse happened without someone saying something.” The Plaidvocates is a peer health and wellness advocacy program for athletes that supports the well-being of CMU’s varsity athletics community.Sixty minutes on tape, with one big message: stop relationship violence.


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