Online dating background check controversy

All the information is legally harvested and available in the public domain. But Lyons explains that the price simply covers her costs: “This is not to make money.I have to pay highly skilled private investigators and researchers to do this.


British-born Lyons feels that if she’d had the option to use a website such as Are They Safe, she would never have found herself in such a predicament. I entered into a very dangerous situation and it was horrific.

I was told I had to change my identity and go into hiding because I was a victim of domestic violence," she says.

Laura Lyons, 29, set it up after discovering that her husband had a history of violence.

When she married Farouk Ali, she had no idea that he had two assault convictions, or had abused previous partners. And, after she left him last year, she found out that he had another wife in Bangladesh.

The main difference between the two is that Clare’s Law can typically take several weeks to provide information. It also goes further in terms of the information it yields and doesn’t just show a history of violence – it can reveal any other convictions, financial misdemeanours and other details that Clare’s Law wouldn’t cover.

Online dating could encourage people to use it But Lyons is determined that her scheme isn't a rival to the Government process.


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