Online dating in other countries


Users of an online dating service would usually provide personal information, to enable them to search the service provider's database for other individuals.

Members use criteria other members set, such as age range, gender and location.

Some sites such as Ok, and are free and offer additional paid services in a freemium revenue model.

Some sites are broad-based, with members coming from a variety of backgrounds looking for different types of relationships.

Other sites are more specific, based on the type of members, interests, location, or relationship desired.


Online dating or Internet dating is a personal introductory system where individuals can find and contact each other over the Internet to arrange a date, usually with the objective of developing a personal, romantic, or sexual relationship.

Online dating services usually provide unmoderated matchmaking over the Internet, through the use of personal computers or cell phones.

This metaphor of the marketplace – a place where people go to "shop" for potential romantic partners and to "sell" themselves in hopes of creating a successful romantic relationship – is highlighted by the layout and functionality of online dating websites.

The marketplace metaphor may also resonate with participants' conceptual orientation towards the process of finding a romantic partner.

Online dating sites use market metaphors to match people.Match metaphors are conceptual frameworks that allow individuals to make sense of new concepts by drawing upon familiar experiences and frame-works.


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