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I wish that was the only time someone lied about his age on his online dating profile. I stayed on the date because I was meeting a friend nearby afterwards, but I glared at him over the sangria and can’t remember one thing about him besides the cane.There was also a guy that lied so drastically he actually needed a cane to walk when he showed up. Encountering a date who is older than he or she says seems to be a pretty common experience.Some people lie because they have no intention of ever being upfront.Cathy, 41, admits that she has lied about her age in the past.After their second date she went home and did a little online research, and discovered he was actually 42 – and married with kids. I’ve always been surprised that people find it difficult to tell the truth about something as basic as how old they are.We have no control over our age, and the truth will eventually come out, so why not be honest from the beginning?Instead I made a mental note that I was absolutely not going on a second date with that lying liar.


I showed up at the coffee shop where he was waiting for me, and I noticed that he looked a little more, well, craggy, than I had expected.“I really feel like my mental age is 34,” he told me about half way into our date. I wanted to say to him, “I’m so glad that you feel 34, but I’m actually 27.” Of course, I was far too tactful to blurt out anything quite that blunt.


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