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So for you, dear readers, I have seven suggestions for a successful relationship with a single dad. Usually when I was out – sans F and S – at a party. Tip: Listen to their advice, but if it doesn’t resonate, ignore it.

Now on to the tips.1) Learn to deal with people who just don’t understand.

You think it'll get better when the tot becomes a teen? Anyone want to double-date at the playground tonight?!

3) Buy an agenda - scheduling is now an Olympic sport. Tip: If there’s an event you really want to attend and F and/or S can’t make it, don’t be afraid to go solo.


When your friends and fam see you’re happy, they’ll come around (or at least get tired and shut up.)2) Expect the unexpected.

Every kid has spills, gets in trouble, and causes a little chaos.

Sometimes I don’t agree with F’s choices as a parent.

Now, don’t call Children’s Aid – overall, he’s a great dad. 6) Don't forget: breaking up is hard to do, times two. But it’s infinitely worse when you’re not just losing your significant other but also the adorable kid(s) you’ve grown so attached to.

I am a proud partier, a lover of travel, and overall, a self-indulgent twenty-something year-old. When I started dating F, everyone warned me not to.I’ve never known if I wanted children or if I would ever “settle down.” Yet somehow, I’ve found myself dating a dude with a three-year-old. Over the past two years, I’ve had good times, bad times, and learned a lot along the way. People called me ‘mommy,’ expressed concern for my sanity, and told me I was ruining my life.


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    My finger touched something like two mounds of flesh.

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