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EBSCO’s extensive collection of e Book titles on EBSCOhost allows for a comprehensive and powerful search experience—with every search, relevant e Book titles will appear directly alongside your other EBSCO databases, exposing users to the full depth of your library’s offerings and increasing usage and visibility of your library’s entire collection. Once connected to the service choose Sign in, then Go to Other institution login.

It is a joint publication of the British Medical Association and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

The BNF includes key information on the selection, prescribing, dispensing and administration of medicines.

It’s no surprise anymore that whenever you call the PLDT hotline to report a problem, it will take ages and a day to get to talk to a support personnel.

And you would still be lucky if that person can really help you or even give you a sound explanation.

An extensive online reference library that provides full text access to a selection of reference books.

Credo Reference includes encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri and books of quotations and a range of subject-specific titles covering everything from art to accountancy and literature to law."An extensive online reference library that provides full text access to a selection of reference books.


Now PLDT is offering its subscribers a way to report complaints, do balance inquiries, apply for a service via SMS, etc. This service is FREE but it still only available to SMART and Talk n’ Text subscribers.

Here’s how to use 77171 TXTPRESS: Now the question is, will it really offer any value to customers who wants.


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    It’s a Q&A video on the subject of “Dating a Non-Christian.” You may find this very insightful:“Why would you want to date someone where it could lead to marriage —the closest human relationship you could ever have, when Jesus, who is closest to you personally, is someone they don’t share with you? God is part of your identity —it is who you are.”“When you date someone who’s not a follower of Jesus, one of two things happens.

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