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Looking for roleplay with skilled and enthusiastic partners.

Please send me your ideas, I look forward to sharing mine with you. Just when you think this site is gone for good, it rises from the head I'm here again for more erotic roleplay. Before going any further your attention is required here. I used to be Bi Sub Male NJ21 on here, been here since the old days. I am a total bottom 90% of the time, usually looking for kinky Doms and Tops, I used to be known for getting gangbangs going in the Gay/Bi Gu...

The girls spread their legs and want to feel your thick dick deep in her cunt.

I feel like I know a little about a lot, but I'm an expert in nothing. I used to have a list of women I played with on my prof... Loves tight thing so you might say my motto could be "Tighter the Better." Much, much more attracted to older maternally inclined women especially, worldly,experienced and wise.


These girls are so unrestrained that one can hardly believe.

Again and again these women undress herself and present you her bums in the chat.

I'm 6'1", brown eyes and hair, well toned and athletic, 10 inches long and shaven. I'm here to kill time and possibly have fun doing it. Usually come here when I'm kinda bored, so, mostly here to RP : P I like a good RP, maybe not all that detailed, but neither just one or two lines :) Not into bathroom related stuff, or BDSM, hardcore sex, that's a yes, besides that, I'm pretty much up f...

A badly behaved gentleman looking to talk to lovely ladies and gorgeous girls of all ages.


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