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It turns out that after he stole money from me he added a fake testimonial from me.

I warned them not to do business with them and they were appreciative of me saving them from losing cash.

I joined after working on the web for over ten years.

It had a terrible reputation but I went there with an open mind in order to learn more about selling information products and building my newsletter.

Their response was that because the seller hadn’t posted an offer they wouldn’t do anything.

A few Warrior Forum members contacted me about the seller.


Firstly, I would like to say that despite its bad reputation, Warrior Forum has a lot of good members.There’s a lot of honest hard working people there who actively help others out. Here’s what I believe to be the main problems of the forum: A few months ago I spoke about The Dangers of Forum Owners Not Protecting Their Members.I had written the post in response to a thread of mine which warned others about their products being stolen. Last month I was testing out solo ads from a number of different buyers.I had never purchased solo ads before but I put a few hundred dollars to the side to try it out and see what kind of response I got.

Today I’d like to briefly talk about why I deleted my Warrior Forum account.Whereas most people join Warrior Forum when they first started working online.


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