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Since most speed dating events are only 1.5 to 2 hours long, you will meet a lot more people at our events.During the event, there will be two open mingling periods and two 1-hour dating rounds.The age range at Brief Dating events varies and is listed for each event.These age ranges are just general guidelines rather than rigid cut-off points.If you are outside of the suggested age range, you are still welcome to attend if you are comfortable participating with people within the age range.If you are near the bottom or top of the age range, then you will spend half your time sitting with people who you may feel are outside your age range.

If the attendees were split into two age groups, then the people in the middle would be unhappy that they didn't get to meet the people in both age groups.You will have the opportunity to meet between 15 and 25 people. 60% to 80% of the attendees of each event end up with one or more matches!Well, you will meet a lot of single people, and you'll most likely get a lot of dates from the event, but its more just like a fun night out.Brief Dating events occur four times a year in February, May, September and December.

However, there will be enough time during the event to meet most or all of the attendees.

This way you will meet most or all of the people in your own age range.



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