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Disclaimer: Please note that abstracts for content published before 1996 were created through digital scanning and may therefore not exactly replicate the text of the original print issues.All efforts have been made to ensure accuracy, but the Publisher will not be held responsible for any remaining inaccuracies.Combining offset risers with CRE and OSL dating implies the southern Anar fault slips at a minimum rate of 0.8 mm yr, a little faster than formerly estimated by assuming the incision, which created the risers, was coeval with the onset of the Holocene (12 ± 2 ka).The latest regional incision in the Anar area appears rather coeval with the onset of the early-middle Holocene pluvial episode (6–10.5 ka) evidenced in the neighbouring region of Northern Oman.



In 1998 he was appointed Lecturer in Physical Geography, promoted to Senior Lecturer (2004), Reader in Palaeoenvironmental Reconstruction (2006), and awarded a Chair in 2011.

Be cosmic ray exposure (CRE) and optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating of cumulative offset of alluvial fan surfaces have been performed to derive the long-term slip-rate of the Anar fault.

At two sites, the comparison between OSL ages obtained within the latest sediments emplaced during the aggradation of the fan and cosmogenic exposure ages of the pebbles abandoned on the surface before its incision and subsequent dextral offset indicates a significant and variable CRE inheritance.

My teaching interests reflect my research interests so I can keep students up-to-date on current developments.

This covers the fields of geomorphology, sedimentology and Quaternary Science with the modules I contribute to trying to make inter-disciplinary linkages between these fields as well as giving student the skills required to understand the preserved record.

I have particular interests in periglacial and desert environments and each year supervise students projects in these areas.



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