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These documents define your rights, privileges and responsibilities as a member, and a provide full set of Federation policies and procedures.The Educational Services department is responsible for issues related to teacher education, testing, curriculum, resource books, educational research, professional colleges and special education.The department administers scholarships and bursaries, and sponsors professional conferences and workshops.It also manages the work of two OSSTF/FEESO councils - Parliamentary and Constitution and Judicial, and the Educational Services Committee.First and foremost among the objects of OSSTF/FEESO is the protection of members, both individually and collectively.In order to carry out this objective, your local bargaining unit or district has a number of committees to serve you, including: Many local units also provide a Long Term Disability Plan, Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or other benefits and services.If you are a teacher or an occasional teacher and have not applied for an OSSTF/FEESO Certification Rating Statement, ask your branch president (representative) for an application form.



Many local bargaining units or districts have a permanent office with full-time staff.The local organization will provide you individually with advice and assistance.



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