Outlook global address not updating


If these attributes have not been populated, troubleshoot the Recipient Update Service and the recipient policies to determine why the attributes have not been stamped.I checked in Ldp and did not see those attributes tagged to the user.The name cannot be matched to a name in the address list" I've regenerated the OAB and even recreated the AD object with no luck.I can not see the new user from the GAL on my machine, even when working online vs. However, I can log in to the new mailbox via OWA, see the recipient in that address list, and send and receive mail.In this guide, the relevant timings are explained and instructions are given in how you can directly force an update and resync, which can be very handy when troubleshooting or when you work in an Exchange environment which sees a lot of user mailbox mutations.I just added a new user to AD and generated a mail box for her.When I go to configure outlook on her machine, I get the error "The name cannot be resolved.

I am a bit green when it comes to RUS and Exchange 2010. Do you have any recommendations on articles that would help diagnose the issue on 2010?

When you have Cached Exchange Mode enabled, Outlook by will by default cache the main Global Address List as well.



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