Pacthesis dating games for girls


It's easy to see this as the author trying to mock the player for wanting to play a dating game and get a romantic ending from it. At the risk of spoilers, there is one ending where Zayo flat-out insults the protagonists for expecting a romantic outcome, using the phrase “I hate your kind”.


There is a sharp twist to the game that really doesn't become fully clear until you've unlocked and seen the extra, and frankly, it just doesn't seem worth it to me.Zayay strikes me as a rather gimmicky waste of time.Of course, this actually worsens the problem of getting to know the characters and the world since information isn't just revealed, but changed.Aside from the randomized dialog, though, the actual game itself is pretty linear and boring.


Information is so minimal that one gets the impression that there *is* no story, nor any real sense of character beyond “here is a creepy rabbit-man”. In one session, Zayo first approaches you; in another, you first approach him. Responses to questions may be different, even contradicting answers given in earlier games.

Granted, the fully-revealed twist makes things a little clearer, but again, the most information we get is outside of the actual story and so locked away that I'm a bit upset at having already used the “beware of the leopard” quote. The background of the forest was kind of interesting in that it had several layers which rocked back and forth, giving it a nice surreal sense that evoked the wind blowing through the trees.


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