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See Shipping & Handling Policy and Return and Exchange Policy for full details.

Hot Legs USA offers a pantyhose and stocking color guide designed to help you find the perfect color of tights for any outfit.

Feel free to browse the page, or click a jump link to head straight to your preferred brand.

Tamara premium quality pantyhose are known for their softness, comfort and durability.

• Returns to store or by mail within 30 days of purchase date, with original tags and invoice.

• Sales are final on all gift cards, pierced earrings, hats, underwear, and Final Sale items.


• Standard ground shipments available in Canada ONLY, with some exemptions to remote locations.• Expedited and Next Day delivery available in select regions.Black pantyhose are perfect to wear to a nice dinner out and complement any color!Whether you’re stepping out in a daring red dress or a sleek little black dress, black pantyhose go with anything.

Off-black pantyhose offer a subtle contrast to the opaque black pantyhose.

This shade still provides opaque coverage, but it’s slightly lighter than black.


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