Pantyhose dating in canada

Most pantyhose contain at least some Lycra/Spandex.My last three ex-girlfriends were flight attendants, all from different airlines, and their uniform called for pantyhose.Obviously not something you can use for proof for every airline and every flight attendant, but just something to throw in there. stockings" is terribly relevant to the topic at hand, but there's pretty compelling reasons to believe that nylon hosiery is either required or at least "standard practice" among female flight attendants.So I ask you, is there anyone who still refers to flight attendants as "stewardesses" Yep. I can't believe there are that many places (especially hotels where airline staff would stay- I doubt they're put up in cheap ones) that don't wash tea/coffee facilities between guests.The ones I worked in did, and woe betide you if you skipped it.

Which is saying they are part of the uniform on most of the airlines he has flown on, not every airline everywhere in the entire world, and I presume he is basing this on having seen the female flight attendants who are hard to miss wearing hose.

Of course the hose could be stockings rather than panty hose and/or they could be uniform optional and the attendants just happened to have made a personal choice to wear them, in which case he is mistaken.

Also storing them in the freezer makes them a little more run-resistant.

Okay, so clearly there are still women out there who are wearing pantyhose.

But if he has travelled on a number of flights, and the female flight attendants have, to a woman been wearing hose, then it's a fair bet it's part of the uniform, You didn't quote my entire sentence.I specifically said that it's a part of the uniform on most of the airlines I've flown on recently, not on most airlines in general.


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