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However, it seems that it's going to take years to shake off that glamourised view of French women, so I guess I'll be passing on that croissant and hot chocolate!'The grandmaman of the 'learn from the French' genre, this purports to unlock the key to how, despite eating mounds of cheese and foie gras, French women retain their figures.It seemed ridiculous when they hooked up on a reality show a month ago.It seemed like a momentary fling, but a month later she's travelling to his DJ gigs. Never mind diet, it’s underwear that’s are key to French women’s figures, according to Anne Barone.


Pauly hosted Pool After Dark in Atlantic City over the weekend, and Aubrey was front and center. The Parisian art gallery director, who confesses that she's far from slim, says she enjoys being the exception to the rule - but maintains that she can only get away with it because she is self-employed.


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