Passwords for webcams

It also has a web panel that helps the attacker to monitor the activity of i Spy infections."The malware also incorporates various obfuscation techniques, including deleting an infected system's "Zone.

Identifier' flag from Alternate Data Stream (ADS) to disable the security warning message that is displayed every time the malware file is executed."Additionally, i Spy has been designed to disable antivirus on infected systems.

In efforts to evade detection, i Spy uses customised encryption to encrypt all stolen data, before passing it along to its C&C (command and control) servers."Commercial keyloggers are general-purpose data stealing tools used by criminals to collect as much data as possible about a victim.


Unlike other traditional keyloggers, i Spy is capable of not just monitoring and tracking users' keystrokes, but can also take control over a device's webcam, steal passwords, take screenshots and more.Reportedly, the keylogger is being sold at a meager rate of to .


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