Patti stanger internet dating advice


The Frisky: What made you want to start a dating website on top of all of your commitments? PS: When doing it online, like with, I’m helping people and reading their profiles.I grew up in Short Hills, where everybody married wealthy. So I don’t think there’s anything wrong with marrying wealthy—for love, not for money, there’s a difference. But then you find he’s trolling for new girls the minute you get home and you’re like, “Why would I go out with him? The guy that emails you once or twice, asks for your number, takes you to dinner, he’s got a few bucks in his pocket, you know, may not be the best-looking guy or the richest guy or the tallest guy, he’s usually the marriage material and there’s a way to qualify them online.They just date in a rich pond but if they fall in love and the guy loses his money like in the Madoff scandal, they stand by their man.” And they said, “Oh, I like that idea.” And that’s what happened. The Frisky: How is matchmaking online different from in person?They would not know to open the car door or pay the valet. And I was like, “Someone needs to teach these guys a lesson!

Plus, she has a radio show on XM Pink 24 called “PS I Love You,” every Thursday at 7 p.m.(EST), and has launched her own online dating site, Ps Xo


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