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I’m sure they will use another crossover because why wouldn’t they? It might be nice to see another character that I don’t have a history with. I’d love him to cross over just ’cause I’d get to spend more time with him then, he’s a good bloke. I know she is up for coming back, and we’re up for having her! I was just in drama school and I just signed with my agent in the UK.

JJ: What can we expect with the dynamic between Elijah and Hayley, with the baby in play? I was 21, and I heard about them making the Chamber of Secrets, which was the second film.

So I got this audition and I was like see ya later guys! JJ: What are the last three things you charged on your credit card? It’s only because I work so much now that I forget about it for a minute. That lasted about five weeks, so I must’ve made, I made twelve pounds, fifty each time, ’cause I worked for five hours.

She’s gonna marry for the good of her pack so that they could absorb these powers that she has and have a strong line of defense for her daughter, for our daughter. Yes, I have an audition for him.” So I read the book, watched the first poster and put it on my wall. Then I went in and I got a call back but I didn’t end up getting it. Like, I knew I should be doing film and television. I’ve got this long drive to work — like forty five minutes. And the guitar thing, that’s definitely a resolution. I’m telling people how great Uber is and they’re like, “Where have you been for the last like, four years? JJ: Have you heard about the podcast called Serial? I just downloaded it, so I haven’t listened to any of it. My dad got me the job, he used to go and get our fruit and veg from there and I got paid, I think 2 pounds, fifty an hour.

We’d all seen Orlando Bloom get , and shoot for stardom. I like to sing like Tom Waits and do all the kind of voices and stuff. And I’m trying to do more writing now, just trying to kind of use my time better each year, be more productive. JM: Aside from Twitter, which I used to use more than I do now. And I basically had to lug potato sacks around and apples, and then arrange all the fruit in the store so it looked nice.

JM: It’s going to be more and more difficult, although there’s definitely some feelings between them, as we saw in the episode that aired just before Christmas. There was this part, Tom Riddle, and this woman called me, who was interested in being my agent. ‘Cause you never know when the shirtless scenes are coming.

They still definitely have feelings for each other, but she’s now betrothed to Jackson. JJ: Do you think we’ll get to expect Claire Holt‘s character, Rebekah, back? It came through on an anonymous number, and I thought it was one of my friends pretending like, “Hello, is Joseph there please? () They’re coming soon, I haven’t been for a while. Phoebe, Phoebe Tonkin, who got Paul Wesley hooked on it. JM: Working in a fruit and veg store, in Swansea Market, which is where I grew up, in Swansea, Wales.

She’s here for whatever you need (personal shopping, wardrobe styling, fashion advice), however you need it (chat, phone, video, or even in person). Each Fame and Partners piece is completely customizable to suit your style. It’s the first episode back from the winter hiatus so be sure to tune in!


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