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While the Persona 3 cast comes across as a group of people who end up working together because they have to and eventually decides to be okay with this, the Persona 4 cast feels more like they embrace their misfit status and thrive in this environment.New team members make an effort to get along with everyone from the start, and it doesn’t hurt that your protagonist essentially has to spend time befriending everyone, as it gives the characters more of a personality than they’d have without this.Why Your Waifu Sucks: Investigations Into Why Anime/Game Characters Would Be the WORST Romantic Partners.You’d think the prior column would’ve been the “big” challenge; establishing a framework, explaining the concept, all of that, right?


I especially like the characters, in a general sense, and the fact that the characters legitimately seem to like each other, something that’s missing from Persona 3 for a long period of the game.

For me, though, while I appreciate why things like Great Expectations and Moby Dick exist, I don’t really care for stories like that, especially not hundred-hour-long stories that end the way Persona 3 ends, so, to each their own.

My point there, and I do have one, is that the Persona 4 cast is pretty likable, which is due in a lot of respects to the fact that they simply get along better than, again, their Persona 3 counterparts, and seem like more likable people as a result.

The game makes an effort to give everyone reasonable motivations for their actions, both on a base level (which you learn through the main plot) and in an advanced, in-depth sense (which you learn through their Social Links), so that you can really get to know everyone if you wish.

Regardless, however, while you’d think that the first column would be the hardest one to write, and it’ll almost certainly be one of the most involved comparatively speaking, it won’t be the hardest. (Also, as a side note to independent writers: pick one topic if you don’t want a column to take three months to complete.

Don’t be me, in other words.) It’s certainly no secret to anyone that I like Persona 4 quite a bit.


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