Personal k9 sex

I know she was never abused, or anything like that. The only thing she ever said is “Why is it so important? I hold doors for her, I put my arm around her in public and in private every day.” (In other words, because that is not her desire it is unimportant.) Last night I tried the “three kisses” approach–after 30 minutes of massaging her entire body in a non-sexual and then in a sexual manner when she made it clear she was ready–but all I got was SILENCE and her body language said “NO WAY, WHY WOULD YOU EVEN ASK SUCH A THING! I enter the shower when she is in it, never the other way around.”I really don’t see how this program is going to help. She rarely puts her arm around me first–thankfully she at least holds my hand–as long as I reach for her hand first.Unless I beg repeatedly she rarely puts on lingerie–and I tell her every time how beautiful she looks in it.Kissing is a great way to open her up that activates her on all levels.Don’t forget about these hot beautiful make out sessions.

I am married to a fantastic woman who loves me and whom I love.

I assist her with the housework to make her job easier. kissing, for your situation, is not the right pursuit.


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