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Instead of using phone numbers, each Kik member has a username.

This username can be accompanied by a profile photo, if the user wishes, but ultimately this is Kik’s way of creating a sense of privacy among their users.

Parents are concerned about sexting – and rightfully so.

But as a result of that concern, I believe there’s also a heightened sense of awareness among parents.

I get emails from parents every day, asking how to prevent their child from downloading certain apps, and what’s the best way to monitor what their child is doing on their smartphone.

Sexting continues to be an underlying concern in all of these conversations — probably because kids and teens use their smartphones to text more than anything else, and according to kids in the UK, sexting is just the new way to flirt.

Inviting People to Kik Kik users can use the Invite a Friend option to invite new people to connect with them on Kik.

This can be done in several ways, but the method that poses the greatest risk to your child’s privacy and safety is the ability to invite people via social networks.

With the click of a button, your child can reach out to the public communities on Facebook, Twitter, My Space and Tumblr (among many others) with the message “Kik me”.

No surprise here, “Kik me” is Kik’s way of starting a new instant message conversation between the sender and the recipient, whoever they may be.


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